Kush’s Kingdom is a vanilla-inspired Minecraft Java Edition community server currently running the latest edition of the game (1.16.1) We are a group of adults (+18) that like to have fun playing Minecraft.

Server IP & Info:
– IP Address: survival.kushskingdom.com
– We are running a Multi-Threaded Paper Server. That means less lag and support for more people online at the same time!
– We are currently on the latest release of Minecraft (1.16.1).
– Current world started May 19th 2020.
– We have a Shopping District at a Mushroom Island near Spawn, similar to Hermitcraft!

– No hacking/exploits/duping/glitching. This breaks the game for legitimate players.
– No griefing or stealing. We have core-protect installed and you will be banned if you decide to ruin the game for others.
– Behave and act mature. Nobody likes trolls or toxic behaviour. Behave or be banned.

– Multiplayer Sleep
– More Mob Heads
– Double Shulker Shells
– Dragon Drops Elytra
– Player Head Drops

– Essentials
– Core Protect
– Dynmap: http://survival.kushskingdom.com:8113/index.html#

– Join our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/w39gwTf

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