About us

Kush’s Kingdom is a vanilla-inspired Minecraft Java Edition community server currently running release 1.16.4 but the server is accessible using most modern versions of the game (1.9 – 1.16.4)
We are a group of adults (+18) that like to have fun playing Minecraft.

Server IP & Info:
Officially Launched: 15th January 2021.
No World Border.
No World Resets.
Holiday Events.
Dedicated Staff Team.
Diamond driven Player Economy.

No Lag Machines
Deliberate overuse of server resources is not tolerated as it ruins the server for other players.

No Use of Exploits or Duping
Exploits and duplication glitches are not intended vanilla features, and break the game for legitimate players.

No Use of Hacked Clients or X-Ray
Use of hacked clients, ghost clients or x-ray texture packs is not vanilla and will be punished.

Behave and act mature
No one likes trolls or toxic players. Behave or be banned!

No griefing or stealing
We have core-protect installed and you will be banned if you decide to ruin the game for others.

– Multiplayer Sleep
– More Mob Heads
– Double Shulker Shells
– Dragon Drops Elytra
– Player Head Drops

Dynamic Server Map:

Discord Community:

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