Most people are simply un-aware of the costs associated with running dedicated Minecraft Servers so by supporting Kush’s Kingdom you ensure the Website and Servers stay running for the foreseeable future.

All donations are used towards paying for the servers ever-growing monthly bill.

Donations of all sizes are well and truly appreciated and if you cant donate thats fine too, you can continue to support us by playing our servers, interacting with others on the website and inviting your friends to join the community!


One time / single donation option is gifted VIP tag.

Recurring / monthly donation option is gifted a VIP+ tag, access to the server when full and exempt from afk kick.

To make your donation recurring click the “Make this a monthly donation” tick box.

If your monthly donation stops you will be dropped down from VIP+ to VIP.

Please leave your Minecraft Username in the notes section.

Donations are final and non-refundable.
Thank you for understanding.